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    about us

    Shaanxi Team Battle Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a more unique experience to maximize the value of expansion. The company introduces international advanced training concepts and has an experienced high-end customized service team.
    We are a customized, nationwide professional experience-oriented training institution. Outdoor development services have many years of professional concepts to create superior quality. The company implements the values of respect for individuals, teams, and the pursuit of excellence. Respected professional company, high reputation, professional skills, rigorous style, and fine service! Shaanxi Team Battle Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. has trained and guided tens of thousands of outstanding enterprise employees for many years, helping enterprises improve team cohesion, combat effectiveness, and centripetal force, and go all out. We continue to innovate and develop new training models and training programs, become the benchmark of the same industry, lead the development of the industry, and provide customers with the most cost-effective training courses! As practitioners of China's experiential training industry, we always adhere to the business philosophy of "Quality is King and Service Wins", and meet the changing needs of customers with products and services that are in line with the development of the times.
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    Why is everyone choosing us?

    Professionalism, dedicated service, perfection
    Strong and guaranteed


    Our mission show

    Committed to providing a more unique experience and maximizing the value of expansion

    Outdoor development services for several years.Professional concept to create superior quality.Implement respect for individuals, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.

    The most popular development agency, creating the most respected professional companies with high credibility, professional skills, rigorous style, and sophisticated services


    High-end customized service team

    Professional service team customizes unique development services according to your needs

    Committed to providing corporate customers with a better and more efficient service experience Leading the upgrade and development of the enterprise field with customer satisfaction service standards,

    Corporate customer satisfaction and good word of mouth are the goals of team battle expansion.
    Focus on original designs and solutions, committed to one enterprise and one strategy!


    Let the execution land perfectly

    Rigorous executive management team, strict detail control

    With carefulness and care, and a high degree of reduction, it promotes smooth and efficient implementation.

    All members are involved, and after the game, the staff's intimacy is UP UP UP!
    Create an excellent plan for the company's exclusive style and realize the original intention of corporate activities


    Pursuit of training effect

    The implementation of professional planners and expansion coaches makes it easier to achieve corporate team building effects

    Let corporate employees inspire common vision, form internal consensus, unite centripetal force, build quality teams, and promote synergy and cooperation

    Cultivate corporate identity, and hold a company event for employees that is full of employees and compelling!

    Case Show

    • Golden red group building

      More mini-games in this event made us more tacit cooperation, teamwork spirit is stronger, everyone can actively cooperate during the game, exercise everyone's spirit of unity and cooperation, let us understand each other better Each person's personality and personality characteristics make the entire small team more united.

    • Take you to know the Qin Ling covered by snow ...

      Our service aim is to make every person who comes to our base can spend so cheerful and short days, let you from strange to familiar with each other, from bad words to mutual help, teamwork and improve yourself , And also enhance our entire team, making you more valuable and meaningful.

    • Attentive service, for customers everywhere ...

      Thank you very much for your project manager's enthusiasm, patience, courteous service, and consideration for customers everywhere. There is also a key thanks to the on-site execution of the overall control, responsible for the urgency of the customer, thank you.

    • Let us all know what it is ...

      Through this extended training activity, we all know what is called a team. During the activity, everyone worked hard for their respective teams to complete, not only that they are helping each other and working hard!

    • Cooperate with each other and unite

      Cooperating with each other and uniting together prove that our little friends are a great team. There are competitions, cooperation, challenges, sweat, and encouragement throughout the day's training activities!

    • This group building activity has to say, ...

      In this group building event, I have to say that the service is very professional and the activities are very passionate. Many employees have enjoyed themselves very much. Many event schemes make everyone happy and meaningful.

    • The event greatly increased the team ...

      This event greatly increased the cohesion of the team, allowing everyone to participate in it, everyone harvested happiness and friendship. Thanks to everyone's active participation and planning efforts, the event was very successful.

    • Promote feelings among team members

      Coordinate the personal relationships of the team and enhance the feelings between the team members. Players sometimes give up or temporarily slow down personal conflicts because of the team's interests. The overall situation is the most important. After facing several problems together, the players will be more tacit.

    • Improve teamwork and teamwork of employees ...

      The goal of the team is to improve the team spirit and team awareness of employees. Through clear division of labor and cooperation, improve the team's ability to deal with problems better when facing the problem together, and exercise the team to cooperate with each other for common goals.

    • Promote internal communication and harmonize the team ...

      Promote internal communication and harmonize team relationships; cooperate with the company's concept education and target education to form common participation and common will; strengthen the cultural management of employees and achieve spiritual motivation.

    • New experience every time

      Each time is a new experience. Through a series of activities, employees can give full play to and mobilize the collective wisdom of all members of the team, enhance the cohesion of team members, work together and think together for common goals, and gather excellent ideas among team members. , Learn from each other's strengths, and achieve the same goal through collective efforts.

    Enterprise style

    • Xi'an Sina Weibo Team

    • Transboundary Studio

    • Yongkang team

    • Sophos International

    • Ruijin Hospital

    • Tsinghua University MBA Team

    • SPDB Credit Card Center

    • Cooperation with Greenland Group

    • Cadres of Baosteel Development Corps

    • How Outreach can help individuals and companies

      The extended training we are talking about is actually an experiential outdoor training method, that is, to obtain personal experience through the full participation of individuals in activities, and then under the guidance of the trainer, team members communicate and share personally Experience, awareness-raising training methods. <Learn more>

    • How to give customers excellent quality training services

      Expansion training is an increasingly chaotic industry. Many non-professional expansion companies are constantly interfering with the quality of training in this industry. The trainees did not realize the true meaning of the extended training at all. <Learn more>

    • Extension training is an experiential learning method

      The way we generally learn things is that the teacher speaks on the podium and the students listen below. If there is no way to interest the students, it is difficult for them to learn the knowledge quickly. Many Students are left ear in and right ear out. <Learn more>

    • Enterprises can learn from farm rules when doing expansion training

      "Farm law" means that if a farm has a major harvest, it is necessary to buy land first, purchase seeds and plant them, and then relentlessly plant, fertilize, and irrigate, and then harvest the grain in the fall. But it is not always possible to repay. It's very likely that the climate will just let everything go. <Learn more>

    • When is the best time for outdoor training?

      In recent years, many companies, schools, and government agencies have been conducting expansion training, and the theme of the activities has also been very different. There are relaxed entertainment, semi-military training, devil survival and fun games. <Learn more>

    • Expand training to enhance its competitive advantage for enterprises

      Enterprises have fierce competition but there is a lot of room for growth. In this era, improving the advantages of enterprises and cultivating their core competitiveness has become a problem that modern enterprises must think about and solve on the road to growth. <Learn more>

    • Outreach training has a profound impact on companies

      If the relationship between people wants to be harmonious, the only way is to communicate. This communication can be expressed in language, or it can be reflected in physical movements. Expansion training In order to improve the harmoniousness between the staff of the company, many entertainment projects that require teamwork can be completed. <Learn more>

    • Expand training to inspire everyone to work together

      There are a lot of projects in the expansion training process, some can arouse everyone's emotions, some can make everyone feel sentimental, some can make everyone have the motivation to move forward, and the most important thing is to let a team know how to unite and cooperate. . <Learn more>

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