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    Talent Strategy
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    Talent Strategy

    Talent Development Strategy
    Adhere to the "people-oriented" and "creating first-class products, creating first-class employees, pursuing first-class environment, dedicating first-class service" quality policy, the talent team as the core of enterprise development, on the basis of establishing and improving modern enterprise systems, further improve the Reward reward system.
    Establish an employment mechanism that attracts, retains, and uses eclectic talents to retain talents by career, emotion, and treatment.
    Cultivate advanced corporate culture, create conditions to create a harmonious and relaxed living and working environment, so that talents have more room for development.
    Adjust and optimize the talent structure, develop existing talents, cultivate urgently needed talents, and attract key talents at home and abroad.
    Personnel Strategy Mechanism
    1. On the basis of realizing management informationization, further improve the performance-oriented incentive evaluation system, implement a market-based compensation and welfare system and various forms of distribution methods to form an atmosphere and mechanism conducive to talent growth;
    2. Actively promote employee training programs, focusing on training for management teams, technology professionals, and technical workers;
    3. Shaping a good corporate culture, using common core values to standardize employees' thoughts and behaviors, and establishing good ideological conduct and first-class work standards.
    HR Strategy Objectives
    1. Strive to build a high-quality and professional enterprise management team and form an enterprise management team
    2. Efforts to cultivate outstanding scientific and technological personnel, and build a high-quality professional and technical personnel;
    3. Efforts to cultivate an excellent marketing team, focusing on cultivating young backbone employees who are knowledgeable, respect the company culture, and dare to challenge, and reserve the power for the enterprise.
    Talent Concept
    Qualified people are talents, and innovation and development are excellent talents.
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